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RUPES is a family owned and operated company, founded in Milan, Italy in 1947. Since its inception, RUPES’ commitment to product innovation and quality manufacturing has defined the company as a worldwide benchmark manufacturer of professional electric and pneumatic tools, accessory items and vacuum systems.

Designing the future for over 70 years.

Our commitment to research and development has been the driving factor in the success of the company. The focus on designing and manufacturing products that are in total compliance with health and safety regulations, offer enhanced worker comfort, and provide innovative solutions is at the core of each new product initiative. Our history is composed of achievements, challenges, ideas, and international successes.

The RUPES USA Mission Statement:  “Helping our world shine… one surface at a time.”

SOLVING PROBLEMS: We will create systems that offer solutions to finishing problems encountered by our customers. INNOVATING: We will develop and introduce new durable and consumable products that create the systems to solve our customers’ finishing problems. EDUCATING: We will provide both physical and virtual opportunities for our customers to find a better solution to their finishing issues. We will constantly raise the level of our team’s technical ability so that we are fully equipped to better serve our customers. MAKING PASSION A LIFESTYLE: We will strive daily to present a passionate and caring attitude in all we do. ACTING WITH INTEGRITY & HONESTY: We will be transparent and forthright in all we do. We will fully commit to offering our customers the best possible solution, even if that solution does not involve RUPES products. CREATING A CULTURE OF TEAMWORK: We will work together as a cross-disciplinary unit to exceed the expectations of our customers.

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