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Seymour is the brand of choice for pros and DIYers who demand excellence on the first coat. We consistently deliver unsurpassed quality, selection, and value through a comprehensive line of premium products that is trusted around the world.

Seymour paints are used every day across the nation to keep our communities beautiful and our lives colorful. Our paints are used on roads and highways to keep us safe; they are applied to athletic fields on which our children play; they are used on our cars and in our homes, even on farms and industrial equipment.

As the inventor of aerosol paint, our company’s founder, Ed Seymour, spawned a global industry and changed the way the world paints. We are proud of our heritage of ingenuity and our standing as the largest family-owned and privately held aerosol paint manufacturer in the United States.

Today, Seymour is an industry leader that continues to enhance people’s lives throughout the country and across the globe. Our legacy of innovation endures with a diverse line of premium paints, spray paints, coatings, and chemicals. Whether at home, in the garage, or on the jobsite, the world turns to Seymour for the jobs that matter most.

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