From the garage to a premium brand

In 1968 Hans Koch began developing his own polish formulas in his garage. He is dissatisfied with the poor quality of the vehicle care products of his time. As a trained carpenter, he has a particular passion for perfect surfaces and pays attention to detail. The resulting products are of outstanding quality, so that they are enthusiastically received by the experts, the commercial customers. In the course of the following years, a company grew that set new standards on the market with innovative concepts in the areas of car wash chemistry, vehicle preparation, industry and workshop floor cleaning.

Perfection and attention to detail

Thanks to the continuous expansion of research and development, production and field service, which has been pursued for decades, Koch-Chemie is today the leading supplier of cleaning and care products for the entire automotive sector and supplies to over 50 countries worldwide.
Well-known automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW as well as independent institutes have tested our products and approved them for worldwide use. The high quality of the products is proven in daily practical use in countless car washes, car washes, automobile plants, car dealerships, industrial companies and the largest vehicle preparation companies.