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It is our desire to provide the absolute best service and products to our customers, Our business began with the focus on automotive detail supply, over the last 15 years Carolina Detail Supply has diversified our product lines and worked to establish ourselves as an industry leader in the detail supply market. 

The decision to expand our business into automotive additives came because we saw a need in the additives industry to provide more comprehensive dealership service.  We've chosen to represent Bardahl, a USA based company with over 80 years in the industry.  Bardahl has a rich history within in the USA and internationally.  For more product information, click here.

In addition to Bardahl Pro additives, we can supply service drive and detail departments within your organization with quality products that help improve your bottom line. From wiper blades to brake parts cleaner we've got you covered.

If you're looking for one vendor to supply your dealership, contact us today for pricing and product information.

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