Rupes BigFoot D-A Fine High Performance Polishing Compound

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D-A FINE combines the power to quickly polish away moderate paint defects with the finesse essential to producing a stunning haze-free finish on automotive paint, gelcoat, and similar surfaces. This unique fusion of performance is the result of RUPES extensive development and testing process combined with our technical expertise as a world leader in surface correction. BigFoot D-A Fine maximizes the finishing ability of all random or gear-driven orbital polishers when used with BigFoot D-A fine foam, wool, and microfiber pads. Use this amazing fine polishing compound by itself to remove moderate defects and create gloss on softer finishes or as a second step to further refine a surface corrected with BigFoot D-A Coarse Polishing Compound. Incredible versatility and high-gloss finishing for all Dual-Action polishers

Available in 1000ml


- Excellent cutting performance relative to most “fine” polishing compounds

- New micro-abrasive technology and proprietary blend enhance finishing ability

- Easy wipe-off, for fewer towel marks on soft paints or delicate surfaces

- Easy application when used with RUPES color-coordinated pad system

- One-step light defect removal and finishing on most paints

- Can also be excellent 2nd step polish following D-A Coarse Compound

- Recommended for use with all random orbital and gear-driven polishers