Tork ShopMax Wiper 450, Centerfeed Dry Wipe Bucket

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Tork Advanced ShopMax™ Wiper 450, Centerfeed, Dry Wipe Bucket Dispensing System has a removable lid for easy on-off quick access. Pop Top is reseal able, angled and connected to water channels for maximum protection. The handle is designed for easy portability and added convenience. The plastic container is durable to protect against dry or wet chemicals.

  • Excellent oil and water absorption, easily lifts grease and grime
  • Durable and strong for Heavy-Duty wiping tasks, while gentle to use on hands and face
  • Delivers maximum softness, thickness, and absorbency
  • This product contains 85% paper content (60% recycled, 40% post industrial) and 15% synthetic emulsion
  • 1 bucket contains 200 towels 9.9in x13.1in

Sold as 1 bucket