Rupes XC-2 Compound

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XC-2 XTRA CUT COMPOUND is universally compatible with all machine movement types, including dual action and rotary polishers. This new compound is specially formulated for a rapid removal of defects from gelcoat and other high-solid industrial finishes, countertops, hard paint, and in the aviation industry. It can be used as a first step after sanding process or to remove oxidation and other contaminants.

Pair it with RUPES Rotary Pads, such as TWISTED WOOL POLISHING PAD (9.BL…H series) to remove much more material without considering finish or CUT&FINISH WOOL POLISHING PAD(9.BL…F series) for a rapid defect removal and a superior finish. Pair it with RUPES D-A Pads, such as D-A COARSE WOOL POLISHING PADS (9.BW…H series) for old and oxidized gelcoat or D-A COARSE MICROFIBER EXTREME CUT PAD (9.MF…H series) for industrial high-solid surfaces.

FEATURES & BENEFITS (in comparison with XC-1)

  • Faster defects removal
  • Improved finish and optimized clarity
  • Superior performance on solid surfaces
  • Better emulsion for easy wipe off
  • Better customer experience
  • Water based compound
  • New fragrance
  • White color