Rupes Mille Ultra-Fine Polishing Compound

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Engineered by the team at RUPES as the ultimate paint refinement and finishing system for extremely delicate or soft paint systems, RUPES Mille Ultra-Fine Polish turns your LK900E Mille or other Gear-Driven polishers into the ultimate show-car finishing tool.

The last 5% of any show car level paint correction tends to be the most challenging and it takes highly refined and specialized liquids to help technicians realize that ultimate finish level. RUPES Mille Ultra-Fine Polishing Compound was specifically developed, tested, formulated, and manufactured in-house by RUPES to reach that show-car level finish. The water based formula uses ultra-premium micro-abrasives and a lubrication system uniquely suited to the aggressive gear-driven movement of the LK900E Mille polisher to deliver hologram and haze free finishes on even the most difficult to finish paint systems.

Intended to be deployed with gear-driven tools and using the specialized low profile white Mille Gear-Driven foam pads RUPES Mille Ultra-Fine Polishing Compound is safe for all paint types and is especially well suited for difficult-to-finish, extremely delicate, or soft clear coats.