Rain-X LONGITUDE™ Wiper Blade

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Rain-X®, a brand leader in wiper blades and water repelling technologies, introduces the newest addition to the professional wiper blade portfolio. Rain-X® Longitude features a precision engineered industrial grade rubber squeegee, with proprietary graphite coating, specially formulated for use in wiper blades to provide extended durability and excellent all-weather performance. 

Rain-X® Longitude features a T24.7 synthetic rubber squeegee designed to perform in all types of weather, and provides around-the-clock protection against the elements. This industrial grade squeegee provides exceptional protection against ozone and UV rays while providing a quality wipe, which is what sets it apart from other rubber squeegees.

Rain-X® Longitude squeegee is more resistant to cracking compared to traditional natural rubber squeegees, based on third-party testing. This industrial grade rubber is resistant to UV and ozone exposure that causes rubber to rapidly deteriorate.