P&S Kyle's Boat & RV Restorer-32oz.

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Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer mechanically removes damaged oxidized gelcoat and paint, while enhancing, moisturizing and brightening in a single step restoration process. Medium cleaners and protective sealants make Kyle’s Boat & RV Restorer a versatile polish that cleans away oxidation, surface irregularities leaving a durable finish. Perfect for one step correction product for use on gelcoat, fiberglass and painted finishes.

Kyle's Boat & RV Restorer is the perfect one step restoration product for gelcoat, fiberglass and painted finishes. Kyle's cleans and protects in one step. Before restoration we recommend a solid washing and decontamination of the entire boat or RV. Restoring Boats or RV's by hand is a ton of work so we recommend machine polishing. Kyle's works with all types of tools. For heavy oxidation removal we recommend a rotary tool paired with a wool pad. Step it down to a D/A with foam for milder restoration. The benefit of using this product is the one step procedure to restore and protect. Once completed, wipe down, and the job is complete. For added protection clients may choose Challenger Boat, RV & Aircraft Wax(#C24), Ultracoat Paint Sealant (#C16) or Bead Maker (#C25).