MTM Hydro 18" Detailer's Choice Spray Gun Kit

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MTM Hydro's Cleaning Kits are hand-selected items that will keep you and your crew working without the worry of identifying multiple components to get set up. These Kits offer the complete package you are looking for under a single part number. When selecting your new Package be sure to note the operating specs of your system along with any specialized fittings or adapters you may require.

Contents of the 18" Detailer's Choice Spray Gun Kit:

  • M407 Spray Gun with 3/8" QC Plug Installed at inlet
  • 18" Plated Steel Molded Grip Lance with 1/4" Brass Socket Installed at the outlet

    Additional Specs of this Package:

  • 250F Temp Rating
  • This Kit was developed specifically for auto detailers to get into tight spaces. The shortened 18" lance allows contract detailers to get in and out of parking spaces, driveways, or roadsides with ease and not have to worry about doing 'The Limbo' between other vehicles.
  • This Kit is bulk packed- If you order three of them, you will receive one box