Maxshine Single Polisher Wall Holder

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  1. Notched Design Fits Any Polisher Style

  2. Rubber Trim To Prevent Scratching Polisher or Holder Paint

  3. Powder Coated Black Finish Prevents Rust and Corrosion

  4. Durable Iron Construction

Length: 7cm-55cm
Width 6.5cm
Height 30cm
Material: Iron
Color: Dark Grey + Red Rubber
Weight:1.5kg/ 3lbs

Maxshine NEW Single Polisher Wall Holder is perfect for both Dual Action and Rotary Polishers, giving you more space to store a wide variety of polishers.

The ergonomic and stylish V-Shaped design gives a sleek and simple option for multiple Holders to be used on the same wall, while switching up the look and style of your Garage or Mobile Detailing Van.

This NEW Holder features a durable Iron hook at the bottom to neatly store your polisher’s wrapped cord.


*polisher not included*