Maxshine Folding Step Stool

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  1. Anti-Slip Rubber Feet and Textured Platform

  2. Rounded Corners to Prevent Scratching Vehicle

  3. Thicker PP&PC, wider pedals with non-slip surface, and anti-slip rubber feet tips, the sturdy 2 step ladders will make you safe and secure when using. It can hold the weight of 250lbs capacity.

  4. Foldable with Handle, High Quality PP&PC – Better than Aluminum!

  5. Designed for ease of use, and simple storage.



Material: PP&PC

Color: Red and Black

Size: 71.6x57.5x42.5cm

Number of Pedals: Two-Step Ladder

Type of Ladder: Double-Sided Ladder

Insulation: Fully Insulated

Load Capacity:250 lb



Maxshine’s Folding Step Stool is an essential tool to assist in reaching high up areas on a vehicle or anywhere around the house. Practical and Sturdy, this addition to your daily routine helps with any task!