Maxshine Bucket Dolly - Metal

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Maxshine’s ALL NEW Storage Solution gives you durable mobility with your buckets during a wash. Utilize a single bucket dolly, or using the Bucket Dolly Connector, combine 2 for a rolling two bucket method! Includes spaces for Spray Bottles and Brushes and combines quality steel with specialized spray coating to prevent rust.

Option to purchase

  • single Dolly 
  • double Dolly kit, which includes 2 dolly & connector
  • connector only


* Steel Construction with Specialized Spray Coating

* 2 Spray Bottle Holders for 16oz Bottles

* 5 Spaces for Brushes (18mm to 31mm)

* Rubber Edge Cover Prevents Scratching on Bucket

* Connection for Bucket Dolly Connector (Purchased Separately)

Color: Black + Red Coating
Accessories: Screw + Roller
Size: 40 * 40 * 17cm
Diameter of middle circle: 28cm


Connectors Size: 80x140x1.4mm(NOTE: Connectors Purchased Separately)