MaxShine 360GSM 16"x16"Premium Soft Microfiber Carbon Fiber Towel

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  • Unique construction for optimum cleaning
  • Streak-free finish for windows and mirrors 
  • Useful for interior and exterior detailing

The secret behind Carbon Fiber Towels lies in their distinctive construction. The carbon fiber strands act as microscopic hooks, effortlessly capturing dirt, dust, and moisture. Gentle on all surfaces, these towels are perfect for interior and exterior detailing. Whether it’s windows, mirrors, touchscreens, leather, or dashboards, the versatile MaxShine Carbon Fiber Towel is up to any task.


  1. Clear Coat-Safe

  2. Strong and Reusable

  3. High Water Absorption

  4. Machine wash in cold water, tumble dry on low. No bleach. Quickly dry if hung up after use.



Size: 16"x16"(40x40cm)

Color: Dark Grey with Red Piping

Thickness: 360g/㎡

Material: 18% carbon fiber+67% polyester+15% nylon



Maxshine Soft Carbon Fiber Towel offers the highest-level shine under any task. Perfect for cleaning difficult exteriors or for removing dirt from interior surfaces.