Malco Iron Blaster Fallout Remover

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Iron Blaster Fallout Remover is an iron remover that rids automotive surfaces of stubborn iron contaminants. This iron fallout remover is safe to use on all OEM paints and is designed to dissolve the toughest contaminants. The pH-neutral formula actually breaks down rail dust, industrial fallout, and stuck on iron deposits, blasting away contamination with ease to restore vehicle paint to a bright finish. Iron Blaster is even safe to use on glass and can also remove brake dust from coated wheels. For more stubborn wheel buildup, follow up with a wheel cleaner like Fast Shot Acid-Free Wheel and Tire Cleaner.


  • Quickly breaks down iron and fallout contaminants
  • Neutral pH formula, safe to use on all OEM finishes and coatings
  • Formulated for easy cleanup
  • Restores paint to original factory brightness