Malco EPIC Medium Duty Compound

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EPIC® Medium Duty Compound is a buffing compound that removes up to P2500-grit sand scratches and polishes to a beautiful gloss finish in one easy step using an orbital polisher. EPIC Medium Duty Compound is designed for medium correction, such as car wash swirls, snow brush scratches and oxidation. Containing no waxes, fillers or silicones, this buffing compound is 100% body shop safe. Plus, the water-based, dust-free formula significantly reduces clean-up time. Produce that special finish in no time, with the full EPIC® Paint Correction System.


  • Capable of correcting most minor flaws
  • Low dusting product for easier clean-up
  • Finishes is one step producing a remarkable

EPIC™ Medium Duty Compound is specially formulated for use with orbital polishers. It is a correcting and polishing compound that removes up to P2500 sand scratches and polishes to a deep gloss in one step.

Available in 32oz and 1 gal


  • Apply four, 1/4” (6.25mm) drops of EPIC™ Medium Duty Compound to the pad and spread on surface using your orbital polisher set to 1 or the lowest setting.
  • Once the area is covered, turn orbital polisher up to 6 or the highest setting and with light to medium pressure work the compound from opaque to clear to ensure you have broken down the abrasives and have brought the surface to a deep gloss.
  • Do not buff to a dry surface.
  • Wipe surface with a clean ultra-soft microfiber cloth.

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