Lake Country System 4000™ Pad Washer

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Patented Worldwide. The System 4000™ with Pure Flo Technology is a self-contained cleaning system featuring a user controlled pump and a removable catch basin. The first cleaning system that pumps fresh cleaning solution into the pad every time while containing the contaminated water separately. Easy and effective to use for most types of pads and polishers with easy access to clean pads on the go. This environmentally friendly, water-saving unit is perfect for applications where cleaner pads with less contamination are essential.


The first self-contained pad cleaning system featuring a user controlled pump and removable catch basin.


  • Pure Flo Technology – Separates new cleaning solution from the old and used solution, resulting in a fresh clean pad every time
  • Compatible – Works with Random Orbital, DA, and Rotary polishers as well as as all sizes and types of pads – wool and foam from 3″ to 7″
  • Environmentally Friendly – System 4000 uses only 1.6 gallons of water (50% less than other pad washers)
  • Fluted Wash Plate – Cleans effectively without damaging pads