GT Universal Interior Detailer

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Suitable for literally every interior surface of the vehicle including the dash, door panels, plastics, vinyl, glass, navigation screens, leather, carpet, and upholstery. This water-based, non-silicone formulation contains an active cross-linking polymer that generates a surprisingly durable, matte finish, non-greasy, streak-free surface protection that lasts up to 60 days per application. Additionally, the

formulation contains a UV scavenger, odor encapsulant, chelates, and a powerful blend of cleaning surfactants effective at removing sticky residues, dust, fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and stains. When used on textiles, agitation will produce a foaming action.

  • Active Cross-Linking Polymer
  • Non-Streaking Matte Finish
  • UV Protection


DIRECTIONS: Spray directly onto a microfiber and/or onto surface to be cleaned. Wipe using microfiber cloth, flipping periodically. For use on carpet and upholstery, agitate using a microfiber or brush.