3D Final Touch

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Final Touch is the ultimate tool that you don’t want to forget when heading out to the car show or cruise. It’s that final touch right before returning a customer vehicle. It will give you that nice bright shine that you had before you accidentally maybe touched it with your fingers no matter the material. It’s safe for glass and can give you that streak free finish you are looking for without causing a hazy residue. You are also able to use 3D Final Touch as a cleaner for light dust or rain marks without removing any of the wax already on the paint.  3D Final Touch is perfect for an all around cleaner and the scent is fantastic. 

Spray it directly on to the surface and just like 419 Waterless Carwash using two rags, take and wipe up the dirt and take the dry one and buff in the shine. You will see the dirt on your first towel that we just pulled off the glass and now you have a nice clean streak-free shine.

Don’t forget you can also use 3D Final Touch as a clay lubricant.