CARPRO Fixer Compound

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CARPRO Fixer Polish is the most versatile compound & polish on the market and is made for any type of paint surface.  Fixer is capable of removing 1500 grit sand scratches, as well as scratches, marring, haze, & swirl marks from freshly painted, soft, medium, hard, and even ceramic scratch resistant paints.  You can be use it with wool, microfiber, or foam pad. Fixer has been designed & manufactured from scratch and formulated to deliver perfect results in less time. Fixer can remove 80-95% of all light/medium paint imperfections and deliver a perfect mirror-like showroom car finish in less time and steps than other compounds/polishes.  We have manufactured this new generation polishing compound using nano components to make it the most versatile compound and polish on the market.


  • No durable fillers: 100% body shop safe, no silicone, waxes, polymers, or teflon used which only hides scratches but does not remove them,
  • Excellent for hand polishing hard to reach areas.
  • Good for any type of auto paint: soft, medium, hard, ceramic clear coats, and single stage paint.
  • Capable of removing sanding haze from 1500 to polishing.
  • Save working time up to 40% .
  • No holograms, no dusting.
  • Economic: No need for different grades of polish to deal with varying defects.
  • Versatility: Excellent with D/A or rotary and a great hand polish as well.


  • Apply 3-4 drops of Fixer to pad.
  • Spread product on low speed across section.
  • Increase speed after pad and paint is lubricated.
  • As Fixer begins to break down slowly lower speed and continue to polish until abrasives are broken down.
  • Clean the pad after every section.
  • Wipe paint free of residue with microfiber towel and inspect with Eraser or continue with next section.
  • Apply 2 more drops of product and repeat on next section.


  • For incredibly fast correction on Dual Action Polisher.
  • Fixer works excellent at lower speeds, 4-5 on a dual action and 600-1200rpm on a rotary.