Bardahl Ring-Eeze Plus

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The Problem

As a vehicle is driven, its engine is gradually wearing out the properties of its lubricating oil, using up the chemical additives and eventually, the base oil oxidizes, forming varnish and sludge. Over time, deposits and residue will build up and restrict the free movement of parts; reducing the efficiency of the engine.

The Solution

BARDAHL Ring-Eeze contains powerful detergents that remove varnish and sludge and prevent piston rings and lifters from sticking to restore the free movement of critical engine parts. The formula contains patented chemistry that dissolves deposits and keeps them in suspension to inhibit future formation.  This product also contains anti-wear and friction modifiers that reinforce the OEM additives blended into motor oil to continue the effective lubrication of the rings, cylinders, and valve train. It is safe to use in 4-stroke engines, including various types of motors, generators, and agricultural equipment.


  • Restores power and performance of the engine
  • Resists oil oxidation and thickening from high temperatures
  • Reduces exhaust smoke and lowers emissions
  • Meets or exceeds warranty requirements of OEMs
  • Acts as an oil substitute, does not need to be flushed out of the system
  • Removes harmful deposits, cleans off varnish and breaks down sludge
  • Eliminates noise and provides greater protection against wear and seizure
Use when needed or during an oil change. Pour the entire contents of the bottle into the crankcase. One 12oz bottle treats up to 5 quarts of motor oil. This formulation is suitable for use in all types and grades of motor oil, including synthetics. Dispose of any used or unused solution and container in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.