Bardahl Power Steering Additive + Stop Leak

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The Problem

High under-hood temperatures and infrequent power steering fluid changes deplete the active ingredients used in typical power steering fluids. This can cause excessive wear in the power steering pump and steering rack. Seals and gaskets throughout the system shrink and lose their pliability causing fluid leaks and the potential for a major failure of the power steering pump.

The Solution

BARDAHL Power Steering Additive +Stop Leak is a blend of anti-wear ingredients, oxidation inhibitors, and a seal swell agent that will prolong PS fluid life and improve pump performance. This is designed to restore and maintain the pliability of all types of gaskets and oil seals reduce or eliminate oil leaks and prevent their reoccurrence.  The formulation is compatible with mineral and synthetic power steering fluids.


  • Reduces pump and rack wear to extend the life of the power steering system.
  • Conditions seals and gaskets to stop leaks.
  • Improves power steering system performance and reduces squeal noise.
  • Compatible with all power steering fluids.


Add contents to the power steering fluid reservoir as needed to reduce squeals and leaks.  Do NOT overfill. This product is compatible with all power steering fluids. Dispose of any used or unused solution in accordance with local, state, and federal regulations.