Bardahl Gear Oil Additive + Stop Leak

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The Problem

Automotive manual transmissions and differentials are subjected to varying loads depending on the vehicle and operating conditions. Gear loading is typically highest at start-up and during gear changes. Shock loading is often a problem with heavily loaded vehicles operating under extreme conditions, such as off-road, construction, or farm applications. Inadequate lubrication can cause excessive heat build-up, bearing howl, and gear noises, eventually leading to damage and costly repairs. Older vehicles often experience gear oil leaks.

The Solution

BARDAHL Gear Oil Additive +Stop Leak is specially formulated for manual transmissions, gearboxes, and differential to extend the life of the gear oil. Gear Oil Additive +Stop Leak is based on proprietary “polar attraction” technology that coats metal with a thin film. The film lubricates the system at pressures and temperatures that cause ordinary hydrocarbon lubricants to break down, while special seal conditioners improve seal pliability to prevent and stop fluid leaks.


• Protects against gear wear and reduces gear noise
• Extends gear oil life; conditioning seals and eliminating leaks
• Improves synchronizer performance to decrease shift effort in manual transmissions
• Suitable for use in use in all types of manual transmission and differentials that specify standard automotive gear oils or motor oil as the lubricant

Add contents to the gearbox or differential in place of an equal amount of regular lubricant. If used to reinforce oils in general industrial applications, add a 10% treatment ratio. Gear Oil Additive +Stop Leak is compatible with all gear oils, including synthetics. Dispose of any used or unused solution in accordance with the local, state and federal regulations.