Bardahl Engine Stop-Leak

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The Problem

Over time, many vehicles tend to develop engine oil leaks. Extended exposure to high temperatures and long oil drains can cause the seals and gaskets to shrink and lose their pliability. If left untreated, these leaks can expand, reducing the oil level and potentially damaging the engine.

The Solution

BARDAHL Engine Stop Leak is a proprietary formula that rejuvenates the seals and gaskets to restore proper function while the vehicle is in operation. Engine Stop Leak has special seal swell and conditioning agents that gently soften and expand these components to stop existing leaks and prevent future problems from occurring.


  • Eliminates engine oil leaks while driving, Conditions and revitalizes all types of rubber and synthetic seals swell
  • Helps prevent future oil leaks and costly repairs
  • Reduces oil consumption due to leaks
  • Extends the life of the vehicle


Add one bottle of BARDAHL Engine Stop Leak to the crankcase of the engine. Do not overfill. The solution will work while the vehicle is being driven and best results are achieved after several hundred miles. One bottle treats up to 5 quarts and is compatible with all types of oil, including synthetics. Dispose of any used or unused solution in accordance with the local, state and federal regulations.