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AutoMagic Headlight Restoration Kit

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Auto Magic’s Headlight Restoration System can quickly restore yellowed and hazy headlights up to original OEM specifications without power tools or additional equipment. Years of scratches and discoloration magically wipe away in a few easy steps with crystal clear results. The Single Headlight Restoration kit restores clarity up to 5X faster saving time and money. 30% less sanding versus other restoration kits. Ultra-fast 3-4 minute cure in UV light or sunlight. Each single kit includes all materials and supplies to restore 1 car/2 headlights. No special tools required. Leaves a long-lasting protective coating. Backed by a 3-year guarantee

1 - 0.5oz bottle of sealant
2 - lens dryer wipes
1 - sponge
1 - plastic tray 
2 - 600 grit sandpaper sheets
1 - 1500 grit sandpaper sheet
1 - pair of gloves