Auto Magic TruAdvantage™ Ultra Concentrate Spot Remover

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TruAdvantage™ Ultra Concentrate Spot Remover is one component of the new AutoMagic TruAdvantage system. Ultra Concentrate Spot Remover is a professional carpet, fabric and upholstery spot cleaner that attaches to protein-based stains and devours them in minutes. Consumes the toughest, food, grass, soil, blood, organic, and pet stains and also makes an effective odor eliminator.

Color: green

Dilution: 1:32

Sold as 32oz container

APPLICATIONS • Carpet • Fabric • Upholstery

BENEFITS • Kills stain and odor causing bacteria. • Leaves carpet remaining soft and natural.

DIRECTIONS Dry brush and vacuum the fabric and stain prior to application. Shake well. Spray the area with Ultra Concentrate Spot Remover and allow to set for 3-5 minutes. Use a carpet brush wrapped in a clean towel and scrub the stain. Reapply if necessary. Use a dry-vac or hot water extractor to remove the product from the area. Do not breath vapors.