Auto Magic TruAdvantage™ Ultra Concentrate Ceramic Spray

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TruAdvantage™ Ultra Concentrate Ceramic Spray is one component of the new AutoMagic TruAdvantage system. Ultra Concentrate Ceramic Spray is a very quick and easy to use high-gloss SI02 spray for use on exterior surfaces. Provides an extremely slippery and hydrophobic surface. Gives lasting shine to exterior paint, plastic and chrome and is nonabra­sive.

Color: white

Dilution: 1:10

APPLICATIONS • Paint / Clear-coat surfaces • Watercraft • RV’s • Motorcycles

BENEFITS • Excellent water repellent. • Durable, long-lasting shine that is easy to apply.

DIRECTIONS Use on a dry or mostly dry vehicle, just after a proper wash. Shake product well. Lightly mist product onto the surface. Wipe product into the exterior surfaces with a clean, dry towel and buff to a high-gloss with a second, clean, dry towel. To avoid streaking, it is best to remove product quickly if hazed. Do not use in direct sunlight. Use only a small amount of product, or enough to spread over applied area.

DO NOT use on steering wheels, brake or gas pedals, shifter knob