3D LVP Conditioner

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LVP Conditoner cleans, conditions, and protects leather, vinyl, and plastic in one step.This product is made with Mink-Oil to create extra softness and extend the life of leather, vinyl, and plastic. It cleans dirt and grime away from leather, vinyl, and plastic while adding conditioning mink oil into the areas where Liquid Leather was applied to, to protect them from UV rays. Sun light and heat will dry out all the leather seats, dash boards and/or door panels of a vehicle, shortening the life of your vehicle’s interior much faster if left untreated. Liquid Leather Conditioner is absorbed to leave a soft, non-greasy nor shiny surface and restore moisture to any vehicle’s interior. Liquid Leather is VOC compliant, Green and Biodegradable.


Apply LVP Conditioner with a microfiber applicator or towel. Saturate the applicator and message the conditioner into the interior in a circular  motion. Like all 3D products, a little does go a long way. Let it penetrate the surface for a few minutes and wipe off the excess off with a clean micro towel if necessary. Re-apply Liquid Leather every 4 to 6 months. Avoid applying Liquid Leather to any fabrics or cloths in the car.