3D Extractor Shampoo

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  • Low foam carpet and upholstery cleaner and odor eliminator
  • Optical brighteners bring back original beauty and texture
  • Great for automotive, home, or office use
  • Designed to work with Carpet Extractor Machines


Step 1:  Add 4 to 8 ounces of 3D Extractor Shampoo for every 5 gallons of water.  Adjust mix according to level of soiling you’re trying to remove.

Step 2:  Follow directions for your brand of extractor and thoroughly extract the area to be cleaned.

Step 3:  Allow all the carpet or upholstery to fully air dry.  To help speed up drying, use an air mover or fan.


IMPORTANT:  On heavily soiled carpet or upholstery, use 3D Orange Degreaser first as a pre-spotter.

NOTE:  While 3D Extractor Shampoo is a low foaming formula, sometimes the substances you are extracting will create foam.  For this reason, it’s important to add an anti-foaming agent to the clean water tank before extracting.