We're being Impersonated

We're being Impersonated

It has been bought to our attention that an e-commerce store operating under the website www(dot)caroliashop(dot)com has stolen the bulk of our website images and is using our name Carolina Detail Supply with a different logo. 

Their about us / contact us page list a fake mailing address in Texas and email address that appears fake and associated with other fake websites.  Please do not purchase from this website.  We apologize to anyone who has purchase from them; but we are not associated or responsible for this ecommerce site.  



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Artur Babiarz
Artur Babiarz

Hello 😊
My name is Artur and I am involved in sales at Cleantle. You probably know most of the brands of car cosmetics in the global detailing market.

The question is, do you know us? I will tell you about us briefly and at the end, you will find interesting material.

If you are interested in my proposal – great! I will prepare a personalized business offer for you. I look forward to hearing from you :-)

We are a Polish manufacturer of automotive cosmetics. Everything we create is well thought out, tested well in advance, and goes through countless trials in everyday use. before the product officially goes on sale. We were the first in Poland to bet on preparations that are as safe, biodegradable, and multi-purpose as possible. Here is the moment to emphasize that safe in our case also means effective. Today’s access to safe components equals access to effective components. And on this foundation, we have built the Cleantle brand.

Our portfolio also includes “private label” projects, and we help create products for other entities as well.

We have production and warehouse facilities at our disposal for additional collaborations and production.

We have the know-how in the production of car and home cosmetics.

Enclosed I am sending a presentation of our brand, such as I wrote above.

Serdeczności / Greetings from Krakow 😊


65.000 km: https://fb.watch/o4rF44NBT1/





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