Maxshine LED Swirl Finder Pro - Rechargeable

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  1. Durable Construction & Lens

  2. Strong Magnetic Grip at Base

  3. Charging Station with Magnetic Grip

  4. 180 Degree Foldable Design

  5. LED Lights for Battery Status

  6. Charging Time : 4 hours 


· Quick Color Controller-3 Color

· High Quality COB LED , CRI 96 +

· Battery: Rechargeable 3.7V 2600mah Li-ion

· Charger : 1m USB cable +100-240V to 5V 1A charger (Included)

Detailing Swirl Finder Pro Usage:

Before use, charge the Swirl Finder Pro with the provided USB charging cable until fully charged. The first charge will take approximately 1 Hour or until Battery Indicator turns Green.)

Please Note: Do not store the Swirl Finder Pro with a depleted battery, as this may damage the unit. We recommend charging the unit every 30 days, even while not in use to maintain battery life.