Gyeon Q2 Trim

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Q2 TRIM will not only enrich and enhance the look of new plastics, it will restore plastic trim and bring it back to life from a faded appearance. This ceramic coating is a high quality single layer product designed to easily be used on any plastic piece of the vehicle including trim, engine bay plastics, headlamps or tail lamps, even soft piano black finishes.

Your vehicle's trim and plastics will fade due to UV exposure over time. This problem is sped up by the use of harsh chemicals in many car washes. Q2 TRIM will enhance the look of your new trim and prevent this fading from occurring long term. Not only can the coating prevent new plastic from fading, it will bring back the color saturation of already fading trim.

Q2 TRIM is not a standard water or resin based dressing. It is designed to restore plastic trim by using the same high quality and sophisticated coating chemistry as the rest of the line and will outperform water based substitutes. Pair the high quality with ease of application and you have a perfect protective or restorative solution for your trim.

To restore plastic trim, it is important to thoroughly remove any dressings that may be already applied to the trim or plastic. Once degreased, wipe down with Q2M Prep. For porous trim and plastic, use a foam applicator to achieve an even layer of product. And on very porous material, you may apply the product and not remove. Just allow the coating to absorb in to the material fully.

CONSUMPTION: 30ml / 5-10 cars



THICKNESS: 0,2 - 0,5qm

DURABILITY: >24months