3D Brushless Electric Sander

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Remove orange peel, surface texture and dirt nibs
The 3D Brushless Electric Sander is a perfect addition to the 3D ACA Alpha Ceramic Alumina Flex Sanding Discs.  The 5mm orbit stroke for this brushless electric sander works great for knocking down orange peel and surface texture fast.  The 6” backing plate together with a 3D 6” Interface Pad and the 3D ACA P1500 or P2500 Flex Sanding Discs will level paint fast.

Show car paint
To create the maximum D.O.I. or distinction of image so that reflections in the paint are clear and defined as though you’re looking into a mirror – the paint must be perfectly flat.  The 3D Brushless Electric Sander is the perfect tool for sanding custom paint jobs to level them and create a perfectly flat, smooth surface ready for compounding and polishing. 

What is it?
Electric 5mm orbital sander.

What does it do?
Sands and levels paint to remove orange peel, surface texture to create a flatter, more perfect finish.

When do you use it?
After a fresh paint job to remove orange peel or match existing orange peel.

Why use 3D Brushless Electric Sander over other options?
When it comes to machine sanding, a lightweight powerful sander is the only way to go.  This brushless sander weighs in at 2.2 pounds!  This makes it easy to hold and sand both horizontal and vertical body panels.  The 5mm orbit stroke is optimum for knocking down orange peel, dirt nibs and surface texture while also working perfect finishing sanding.

  • Brushless electric 5mm orbital sander
  • Works with 6" backing plate
  • Great for use with P1500 or P2500 Flex Sanding Discs
  • Light weight, easy to use, minimal clean up