Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades

SKU: Srs100bin
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For fast and easy removal of adhesives, calcium, dead bugs, food, glue, tar, wax, etc from auto paint, gelcoat, cloth, floors, glass, drywall, ceramic, plastics and much more.  Smartly replaces scrubbing  pads and metal scrapers to reduce risk of damage.  

Available in 100 count 


  • Chemical Resistance to : Alcohol (isopropyl), Bleach, Citric Acid, Dish Soap, Hydrofluoric Acid, Nitric Acid, Sulfuric Acid, Vinegar 
  • Edge, Pliability, Abrasiveness: Medium 


  • Chemical Resistance to: acetone, alcohol (isopropyl), Benzene, Lye, MEK, Turpentine, Vinegar, Xylene
  • Edge, Pliability, Abrasiveness: Soft/Low