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Rupes LHR21II Orbital Polisher

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Markll is next generation of the legacy BigFoot LHR 15 and LHR 21 tools. Markll tools are the product of extensive market research and feedback from users of the legacy BigFoot tools. Get ready for an unparalleled polishing experience featuring both enhanced power and smoothness of operation! The new "Markll" generation tools will have a number of enhancements that have been requested by those that are best suited to suggest improvements-our mutual end user base. Significant increase in deliverable power, the strengthening of the front housing assembly and several other features of the Markllgeneration are just some example of the innovations designed into the new production concept.

The Markll tools feature a more powerful motor with over 30% enhanced efficiency when compared to the legacy BigFoot LHR 15 and LHR 21 models. The additional torque eliminates stalling on concave areas and the higher RPM level guarantees time savings in any polishing step.
The Markll tools consume less energy than the legacy BigFoot tools, yet amazingly deliver more power and efficiency. Markll has both improved ergonomics, design stability and balance.