GTECHNIQ C0v2 Aero Coat-50ml.

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  • Strong anti-adhesion properties
  • Water mark resistant
  • Good hydrophobic function

Why use Gtechniq C0v2 Aero Coat?

This product has been specifically formulated to minimise adhesion of foreign objects on race cars.  

Unlike the version 1 of Aero Coat, v2 has good durability on road cars too.  It will typically last 2 years on a regularly driven car.

C0v2 offers great gloss, good hydrophobicity (110 degrees), some swirl resistance (6h), is water mark resistant and can be applied to paint, gel coat, vinyl, rims and trim.

Please note that compared to our other coatings (C1, Crystal Serum LIght and EXO), C0v2 is relatively hard to apply.  The product itself is quite viscous and requires considerably more effort when removing residue.  And we also recommend that you have available no fewer than 10 new MF1 ZeroR Microfibre Buff Cloths available to remove residue.

C0v2 can be applied as a "stand-alone" coating or as a top coating for C1, Crystal Serum Light or Crystal Serum.